New Comics on the Way!

So, you’d like to read more comics, would you? That’s great because we here at DoubleThink are working hard to get more comics into your hot little hands! A new subscription phase is starting next month, we like to call it a Mini Subscription. For a mere $12 we’ll mail the next four issues of DoubleThink to you mailbox, issues 25-28. Scroll down for a look at the covers.

Bryan Stone will be regaling us with a story titled SO, SO SAD. It’s a two part tale about a pig (pictured above) who may cry all the way home. To your home, in your mailbox.


And of course our friend from South Korea, Kevin Kilgore, will continue his epic tale MUJIGAE (Moo-gee-GAY). Kilgore has slung ink on coming up to over 100 pages of this tale. Find out more of the history of K-Pop and Dr. B. Find out what’s going to happen with that giant atomic penguin Mujigae!


Jeff Lok joins the fray with his unique take on what we call ” ‘dem funny books”. You’ll see his dark humor shine bright in his stories about being stranded on a desert island.


And yours truly, Matt Aucoin, will be back slinging ink with the new crew. If you’ve ever wanted to read about a monkey warrior, two bums stealing flowers from townsfolk to open up a flower shop, or what happens when one of Santa’s elves is on the naughty list, than you shan’t be disappointed.

Your support means the world to us, if you didn’t read ‘em we wouldn’t make ‘em. So thanks for your interest in our book! I hope to be stuffing envelopes full of DoubleThink and sending them off to YOU!


DoubleThink #24 All Hail Lord Wolf!

The final issue of this year’s run of DoubleThink is coming up shortly. Here’s the cover! Intrigued? Yes, you should be, Lord Wolf is one of the craziest characters I’ve written about in my entire life:no joke!

DoubleThink24CoverWEBHere are a few more teaser pictures of the story…



Tetris is Life

TetrisLifeWEBHere’s a preview of DoubleThink #22 the video game issue! I’ve been wanting to put this one together for a while, like my whole life. Also included in DoubleThink #22 is episode 11 of Kevin Kilgore’s MUJIGAE! There is mystery, intrigue, and more, all surrounding a giant atomic penguin!


Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow

DoubleThink23CoverRGBTomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! What better way to celebrate than to give out free comic books? I can’t think of one, so that’s what we’re going to do. Check out DoubleThink #23, which features work from Matt Aucoin (yours truly), Kevin Kilgore, Jeff Lok and Bryan Stone. This book is a sample of the work to come from us four over the next year.

Where can you get your hands on these books, you might be asking. Earth Prime Comics at the lower end of Church Street in Burlington, Vermont will have them. For those of you in the North Hampton area, check out Modern Myths, they’ll have some too.


Free Comic Book Day 2014!


It’s official, we here at Mischief Comics are putting out an issue of DoubleThink for Free Comic Book Day (which is next Saturday May 3, 2014)! This issue features the work of all four DoubleThink artists: Kevin Kilgore, Jeff Lok, Bryan Stone, and myself, Matt Aucoin. So, if you’re up for it trek on down to Earth Prime Comics on Church Street in Burlington, VT and pick up your copy. There are limited numbers so get there early, or camp out the night before, or pass out the night before and sleep under the bench out front.

My story, To Catch A Fairy, introduces readers to my next project Fight Hero Fight. The hero of the story, aptly named Hero, finds out what happens when he doesn’t heed the advice of a talking puggle and blunders his way into a fairy circle. Here are a couple of panels from the story.
FairyCircleBitsSubscribers to DoubleThink needn’t trek out on Free Comic Book Day because we’ll be mailing the issue straight to your mailbox. For the rest of you, mark your calendars for May 3rd!


DoubleThink Comics Takes on Two New Cartoonists

ShieldCoverWEBWe’ve got big plans here at Mischief Comics in the upcoming year. Last year, Kevin Kilgore and I each did half of the DoubleThink comics. This year, starting in August, we have two new cartoonist joining the fold: Bryan Stone and Jeff Lok! I’m so excited to have them aboard. Not only are they two cartoonists whose work I enjoy, but now I can share their work with you through our subscription. We’re starting this subscription phase this August (2014) until August next year (2015). Each one of us will be contributing to each book.

I’m still getting the shop ready, once I get it up I’ll make another post to spread the word.


Back Online

MattPortrait00WEB┬áHi everybody!I decided to rearrange my website so that it’ll be easier for me to post stuff. Churning out an issue of ┬áDoubleThink every month this past year has left very little time for posts and updates. Once this subscription phase is finished, (two more issues to go!) Kevin and I will be taking a little break and be back at it in August. But, who cares about that? Check this out! Click the thumbnail to view it larger.